Artificial Intelligence-based Optimization System for Thermal Power Generating Units

Research project at JD Intelligent Cities Research

2018-2020: Funded by JD Intelligent Cities Research.

Research project manager for developing a deep reinforcement learning model and system to optimize power generation efficiency for the thermal power generating unit (TPGU) in power plants. This research has already finished software productization in JD Technology and been deployed in 6 power plants and 9 TPGUs in China!

Papers Published

Patents Granted

  • CN110717600B:样本池构建方法和装置、以及算法训练方法和装置。Inventor: 张玥, 霍雨森, 朱翔宇, 徐浩然, 邓欣, 王小波, 詹仙园, 郑宇, 李春洋, 张钧波。2021.1.26。
  • CN110673485B: 用于燃烧控制的模型训练方法、装置、电子设备以及介质。Inventor:霍雨森, 詹仙园, 张玥, 徐浩然, 邓欣, 郑宇。2020.11.24。
  • CN110673478B: 磨煤机的控制方法、装置、系统及存储介质。Inventor:朱翔宇, 詹仙园, 张玥, 徐浩然, 邓欣, 郑宇。2020.09.29。

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